Social Media

Social media is the blending of technology and social interaction for the purpose of communication and co-creation in today's world. Knowing how to use social media is an essential 21st century skill that you can acquire with our new social media topics.

  • Want to communicate in the 21st century? You will need to go beyond email with Chat, Skype, Blog, Post and more.

  • Learn how to share with others by starting your own blog.

  • Learn to use Facebook, Skype, Messenger and more to chat online.

  • Need to learn how to use email? Pick up the basics and learn how email works in this introductory tutorial.

  • Learn how to create, use and maintain a Facebook page of your own, including setting safe privacy controls.

  • Master the basics of the Internet, including tips for browsing and strategies for effective searching.

  • Stay safe and secure online. Avoid the most common threats, and learn how to protect your computer and your privacy.

  • Develop strategies for keeping your kids safe when they go online.

  • Learn to chat with Messenger, a popular instant messaging service from Microsoft.

  • Pinterest lets you create virtual pinboards for the things you find on the web. Learn how.

  • Learn how to make voice and video calls on the Internet for free with Skype.

  • Become a savvy user of technology with these helpful tips, shortcuts and more.

  • Curious about Twitter? Learn how you can use this popular tool to find out "What's Happening?" with the things that matter to you.