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There’s Still Time to Become a PhET Supporter!

A big ‘Thank You!’ to all of you who have already contributed to PhET during our crowdfunding campaigns so far!

If you have considered a donation, but haven’t gotten to it yet, there’s still time!

It takes a village – our village of PhET users and supporters – to bring high-quality science and math simulations to learners around the world. Won’t you join PhET and become a supporter today? Every donation – from $10 donations to larger gifts – helps to fund our efforts, and is much appreciated!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Choose one or support both!

Build the “Teach with PhET” website:
Help us build the “Teach with PhET” website that will support teachers in your neighborhood and around the world…making it easier to use PhET sims.
Goal: $500,000 (or ~20,000 people giving ~$25 each)

Bring Circuit Construction Kit to the iPad:
Help us publish the next-generation of one of our most popular simulations (used over 1 million times a year!), the Circuit Construction Kit DC. Your support will move this simulation to iPad and tablet compatibility using the latest HTML5 software technology.
Goal: $50,000 (or ~2,000 people giving ~$25 each).




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