Fractional Exponent

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This lesson shows you the basics behind fractional exponents and how they are related to roots. This lesson is divided into study tips, math video and practice questions.
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So far, we have been using integer exponents. Now, exponents can also be in the form of fractions (rational).

From this lesson you will realize that fractional exponents are closely related to square roots, cube roots and so on. 

You can proceed by reading the study tips first or watch the math video or try out the practice questions.
Formula relating fractional exponents with roots

Study Tips

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Tip #1
Formula relating fractional exponents with roots
It is important to understand the formula shown below before using it. This is because, you will be more comfortable applying the formula once you have understood it.

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Tip #2
Basically, fractions are just numbers. The law of exponents that you have learned in Exponent Laws-Part 1 and Exponent Laws-Part 2 can still be used without any problems.

Now, watch the following math video to learn more.

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Practice Questions & More

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Now, let's try some MCQ questions to understand this lesson better.

You can start by going through the series of questions on Fractional Exponent or pick your choice of question below.
  1. Question 1 on simplifying fractional exponents
  2. Question 2 on simplifying fractional exponents
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