Subtracting Fractions

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Lesson Objective
In this lesson, we will learn about subtracting fractions and will be using some examples to explain how this subtraction works.
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About This Lesson
The basic ideas behind subtracting fractions are the same as adding fractions. So, once you know how to add fractions, it is very easy to subtract fractions.

In this lesson, we will learn how to subtract two fractions that involve:
  1. proper fractions with like denominators
  2. proper fractions with unlike denominators
  3. proper and mixed fractions with unlike denominators
The study tips and math video below will explain more.
subtracting fractions

Study Tips

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Tip #1
The lesson on adding fractions  had already covered most of the basics needed. Feel free to go through that lesson first if you are not sure about it.

Math Video

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Lesson Video
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Math Video Transcript

Practice Questions & More

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Now, let's try some MCQ questions to understand this lesson better.

You can start by going through the series of questions on subtracting fractions or pick your choice of question below.
  1. Question 1 on subtracting fractions with like denominators
  2. Question 2 on subtracting fractions with unlike denominators