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new micro enterprise opportunity. Mobile artisans specialise in in-built stove designs since
this requires on site manufacture.
Stoves vary in price from US$4 – US$50. Financial mechanisms may be needed to make
some improved stoves more affordable to poor people. Micro-credit arrangements and
instalment payment schemes by retailers can facilitate this. Subsidies can be used to bring
down the total cost to the end user. Alternatively arrangements could be made to enable
payment by instalments in recognition of the cash flow problems of the poor.
Some groups are investigating using carbon finance to provide programme support and
subsidise the cost of stoves.7
Livelihood Benefits
The evaluation of a GTZ project in Uganda that has delivered more than 400,000 improved
cook stoves shows significant benefits for individual households. A family using the
improved stove:
Saves, on average 3.1 kg firewood per day;
Those who gather fuel save, on average, seven hours per week in cooking time
and on the collection of firewood; time that can be spent on other activities including
income generation;
Those who purchase fuel save 26 EUR per year on fuel, which is equal to an extra
month’s pay;
50% of women reports suffering less eye irritation, coughs or accidental burns;
Stove producers and artisans have benefited from new stove technology, training
programs and income from manufacturing, selling and constructing stoves.
In many regions women and girls are at risk of physical assault and rape whilst collecting
firewood. Reducing the amount of time spent collecting firewood helps to reduce this risk.
More resources available in the Programme Impact & Learning PPE folder
ƒ GTZ Experience exchange on marketing of GTZ household energy
ƒ HEDON Stoves and Gender
ƒ HEDON woodstoves market creation
Renewable Energy to Reduce Poverty in Africa