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Food processing in Parcona, Peru
Practical Action
workshops. “Ica is a region known for its so-called ‘chocotejas’ and many women wanted to
learn how to make them, so we wanted to promote this idea”, said Leslie. She even had a
half-hour programme on Chanel 15 in Ica, sponsored by the chocolate firm Negusa. “”That
came to an end when the earthquake occurred”, she added.
This teacher of the Chemical Engineering faculty in her alma mater recalls that initially, the
association only had 17 members. “Now we are 100 and an increasing number of women are
attending our workshops”, she stated.
Leslie went on to say that this year, chocolates and dairy products were not the only things
the women in Parcona were involved in. “We also make handicrafts, costume jewellery,
leather and macramé handbags, ceramics and even cosmetics”, she said.
This teacher also transferred her knowledge to the academic field. Based on this project of
the Women’s Association of Parcona, of which she has been President twice and is now the
secretary, she presented her Master’s thesis and has now proposed a new item for the
Chemical Engineering career in the San Luis Gonzaga University. “We must have a final
social outreach course that will enable the students in their final year to apply their
knowledge”, she explained.
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