Our motto:

If you have the intent and interest for using Odia, here is the internet from "odia.org".

Our Goal:

Dissemination of Odia culture by providing internet resources for the Odia language and literature particularly among the non-resident Odia populace.

Who are we:

I am a pravaasii (non-resident) Odia; I live in the United States. This is my humble effort to help retain and save my own odia culture. I am doing this by contributing the appropriate internet tools and resources to the odia community. I have deliberately remained anonymous: If my children, my family and my community can benefit from this, that's more than I can score from my name flashing in these pages.

Many other individuals have extended their worthy and time consuming efforts into this endeavor. We cannot but salute them when they have agreed to remain anonymous in spite of their truly great contributions in providing the contents, efforts in designing the website and User Interfaces, technical expertise, etc.

Our Motivation:

Every good work starts from home. If you want to keep your Odia culture alive, use Odia at home. Our effort should aid promoting the use of Odia among odia children, in odia families and in the odia community. Besides, as an odia family, we have our own unique social and cultural needs, viz., our own stories, literature, puja and ceremonies, festivals, sayings and anecdotes, etc. The website at odia.org should be able to provide sufficient resources for the purpose. Living outside Odisha has its own challenges and restrictions in such efforts. We have heard and felt the lack of resource and the consequence, the withered motivation. Our attempts at odia.org should fill that gap. Those who want to take that baby step, should go no farther, odia.org should have it.

We do realize, nothing can change overnight; but, we also realize, all giant steps have evolved from a baby step. With inspiration from all our users, we are sure to evolve into that useful bookmark in every computer an Odia uses.

How to Acknowledge odia.org and dhwani-Unicode:

You are free to use all our materials free of cost for your personal need.

If you intend to use for any commercial purpose you must let us know and get our explicit permission.

If you publish anyting based upon our materials and templates, please, you must let us know by contacting the editor at odiaorg@gmail.com (odia.org must be acknowledged in such cases). We particularly encourage our users to acknowledge 'odia.org and dhwani-Unicode' if they produce scripts using this software.

We need your feedback:

We have one request to all our user community. Please send us your feedback, we thrive on that. That is the source of our inspiration. If anyone of you got satisfaction from using odia.org, please let us know that; this makes up for all those late hours, weekends we have worked to keep this site useful for you.

And, it goes without saying, we of course need your suggestion and comments.

Bande Utkala Jananii.

Contact us:

         (954) 634 2674